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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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call after 6:30 a.m. from 13-year-old andrea. >> and one of the individuals inside the home, one the females reported that there was a stabbing and lacerations and in the home. >> reporter: the stab wounds were serious and neighbors say they appear to have been in their necks and that could walk. >> the mom was taken out on a stretcher like in an orange body bag and all you could see was -- and she was covered in blood and rushed off out of here. >> reporter: the father, who neighbors identify as julio, was not in the house when the police arrived and officers poured into the nearby woods and with the help of the can sign unit, found and arrested the father in 45 minutes. >> again, the father, too, was cut this morning and police don't know if they were self- inflicted or received when one or more of the family victims may have fought back and all four family members are
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described in serious and stable condition. the father is under police guard and charges are pending. >> i have to ask moist, did police have any clue? >> police are saying little about the case and i have to say, neighbors said this family would walk around the neighborhood together and they're utterly shocked and there is not a trouble before. five people were hurt after a minivan flipped on to its side in clarksburg this morning and look at the video. this happened and this is near route 55. the good news, they're expected to recover and we have no word on what caused the crash. and after 19 days of testimony, the prosecutor rested the case in the casey anthony trial. the defense is up next. fox's gloria gomez has the
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latest from orlando. >> reporter: there was picture after picture of casey anthonylying the good life, while caylee was out of the picture. >> calling you guys a waste. huge waste. >> reporter: and then there were the lies. >> i don't know what your involvement is, sweetheart. you're not telling me where she's at. >> i don't [ bleep ] know where she's at. >> she lied to police. >> how else -- happened to caylee. tell us what happened to caylee. that is the last time i saw her. >> where did you drop her off? >> i dropped her off at the apartment. >> no, you didn't. >> she's not going to hurt you. >> i told you in my gut, i know she's okay still. >> reporter: a look at the real casey anthony came out during this jailhouse call with her friend christina. nobody in my own family is on my side. >> yes, they are. >> they want caylee back and
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that is all they're worried about right now. is getting caylee back. you what happened? that is all i care about. >> reporter: witness after witness describe the smell of death coming from her car trunk. >> when i opened the driver's side, i immediately smalled the odor of decomposition. >> reporter: prosecutors say little caylee was stuck in the trunk of the car after being given chloroform by her mother. >> could a child expose sufficient amount of chloroform die as a result? absolutely. >> reporter: the murder weapon was duct tape that covered the mouth and nose. the residue of a heart-shaped sticker found and matched stickers from casey's bedroom. prosecutors said that linked casey to the crime scene and while the cause of death was never determined for little caylee, the medical examiner left the jury with one final thought and conclusion. >> there is no reason to put duct tape on the face after they die. >> reporter: gloria gomez, fox
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5 news. in a routine motion, the defense asked for an acquittal, citing lack of evidence, the judge denied that. the defense will begin the case tomorrow. president obama tonight, facing a federal lawsuit filed against him by members of congress and at issue? did the president violate the war powers act by sending troop in libya without first seeking congressional approval. tom fitzgerald is back from u.s. district court and capitol hill. who is behind all of this? >> reporter: it's a bipartisan group of 10 lawmakers, including democrats and republicans. the suit was filed because they want to force president obama and any other future president from not going to war without getting the okay of lawmakers first and specifically, the suit asked the federal judge to issue an order suspending all u.s. military operations that were launched in connection with libya immediately and to also prevent the obama
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administration from launching future military action with the united nations or nato as a way to get around congress. named as the defendants are president obama and defense secretary robert gates. the white house quickly dismissed the claims and the congressman of ohio said a suit against the white house gets to a key question under the war powers act: can a president of the united states go to war without the approval of congress? >> the fact of whether or not there is boots on the ground doesn't get into the question of who the president had the ability in the first place to send u.s. military assets abroad to participate in and to initiate a war and that is really -- there is a constitutional issue here. >> and i would say the report that we sending to congress later today answers a lot of questions the members have and continues the process of
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consultation that is broad and deep and consistent. >> reporter: and that report is a status update to congress on libya. one of the plaintiffs in this case is maryland republican congressman roscoe bartlet. we caught up with him on alcohol and asked him whether or not this suit could be perceived as hurting nato's efforts and encouraging moa mar ghadafi hold on to the -- moa mar ghadafi to hold on to the power. this is how he spains. >> we're not questioning whether or not we should be there but questions how we got there. the president never came and asked us do you think we should go to libya? i think you come and ask us that the congress would have said yes. he had time to talk to the u.n. and the arab league and he had time to come and talk to congress if he wished to. and all of this is going to set up very big constitutional questions and this is the first time a president is sued like
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this. president clinton launched a similar lawsuit after kosovo in 1990. the federal court feeling today was just that and it will be a few weeks before if we know what the lawsuit was for. >> thank you, tom fitzgerald. >> more trouble for harry thomas. his lawyer was in federal court today dealing with some of thomas' unpaid student loans. the councilman was changed with not paying $13,000 in loops and interest. thomas is accused of diverting more than $300,000 in public funds for his own personal expenses. the big day in the golf world around the wonderer -- corner. we're less than 24 hours away now from the first round of the u.s. open up in bethesda and that is where we find dave feldman. what is it like out there? and that is nose out here, brian. another beautiful day and some players are getting tighter and things will change tomorrow and
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that is when this first tee goes up in the air. for the 23-year-old, he thought the u.s. open dream was gone and failed to qualify last week and said i don't know what i'm going to do and just finished playing pro. he received a phone call last tuesday, tiger woods out, wrap and injury and the u.s.ion wanted to know if he would like to play. this will mark the first professional tournament of the entire career and what a way to start. he was planning on being here anyway and is here for real. >> i have never been to an open or to -- i thought i would see what it's like and get a quainted to it and show called
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and it was pure elation. >> everyone keeps calling metiger's replacement and they're like that is tiger's replacement. was just the guy who got in when he crew. it's fun i am grad he listened. >> and tiger tweeted saying the last time i missed a usgs event salt and pepper was cool and the dos and don'ts as a spectator. >> and that was in my book, anyway. laura. developing right now, hundreds of miles of land consumed. dozens of homes destroyed. we're live with the wildfire battle raging in arizona tonight. and congressman anthony weeper is keeping a close profile in rehab and that is
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going public. don't miss the porn star's take live in new york still ahead. >> keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.
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0?@p >> an abandoned camp fire, what investigators say may have sparked the largest wildfire in arizona history. the fire grew to more than 470,000 acres, about 20% contained right now and fox's
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adam housley joins us live from springerville, arizona, with the latest. adam? >> reporter: yeah, brian, the numbers have gone up to 787,000, we're told, and roughly 747 -- sorry, 478,000 square miles -- 478,000 acres, 747 square miles. those are the miles. the miles continue to change and keeping them straight is difficult. we're talking about washington d.c., philadelphia, and new york combined and that is how big the fire is burning in eastern arizona. you talk about the two people of interest spoken to. where the fire started, they believe, was by a camp fire in an area called bear wallow, which is, obviously, the name of the fire, the wallow fire. the camp fire there, they believe, started the fire more than two weeks ago and they're trying to find the people in that area at the time. they know of two people as being in the area. were they suspects? people who were witnesses?
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or are they people who have no idea what happened? that is what they're determining. they're talking to others and looking to others and looking at license plates and some of the surveillance footage from the markets and stores that might be in the area or the roads leading up to that camp site area and the investigation is ongoing. one investigator told me expect 7 to 10 days before you get anymore specific information and can always chap, you know. on the good news, we give you the numbers and the lowdown on the investigation, the on going battle is getting better. the temperatures have dropped significantly, the winds dropped significantly; how far, they're having to deal with -- however, they're strong deal with low humidity. if a flame gets near a tree or bush or dry ground, it goes up. instantaneously and that is what they're dealing with now. they have lines cut around significant portions of the fire and even though it's 20% contained, they have a good handle and they're feeling confident. having said that, they know there is a race against time.
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this weekend, there is a chance winds could pick up on saturday and send and they want to make sure they have this fire, if it's still burning, back away. the fire can blow a quarter of a mile if the winds are strong enough and that is where they are at right now. y that trying to make sure it doesn't get bigger. >> and wish them all the best and ineye, workers are struggling to add height to hamburg, iowa. the only barrier that will keep the rising missouri river out of up to. parts of southwestern iowa could be submerged by 10 feet of water in days. the cities in nebraska and missouri are watching for any weaknesses and the flood protection. here at home, another gorgeous day. you heard feldy say it and you can see it, too. the humidity is still ideal the past few days. >> yeah. >> and the pick of the week, the weather department was
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telling us. sue palka is right again. >> reporter: you know what is interesting, we combine the temperature and the humidity and get a high number. today, you get a lower number when you combine the air and humidity. that is the extra special part of the whole forecast. you know what? i'm sorry to tell you, we changed things up for tomorrow. let's look at what is going on out. there the temperature is 84 degrees in the district and a lot of other places are in the upper 70s. frederick, a particular hotspot at 88 degrees. ocean city, nice and comfortable at 77. can you see the clouds streaming in from the west in that is going to be the beginning of the charges and not so much tonight. clear and comfortable and check for the full moon rising at 840time, five minutes after the sun goes down and some in the set as. that is not what we want to hear for all of the people, we're going to watch round 1 of the u.s. open at congressional and we'll have the timing for that and a look at the weekend
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forecast when i join you upstairs. >> see you in a bit. a fox few health alert on the state of aids in the district. the annual report by the dchiv aid administration shows the rate of infection remains an epidemic and there is a decline in new cases. the city is making stride in fighting the disease. and the latest update on the state of the hev epidemic is now inspiration to our efforts and government and community is working together to fight hiv and aids. we're getting people diagnosed earlier and the treatment is faster and, thereby, reducing the chances that others will get infected. more than 16,000 d.c. residents are living with hiv/aid, 3.2% of the city's population. >> cases of measles are on the rise across the country. in the years between the 2001 and '08, there were an average of 56 cases every year.
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the first few months of 2011, there were 118 and theman of those cases are believed to have been transmitted from other countries, mostly through travel. we wanted to look further into this and invited dr. ira horn from children's medical center to join us. thank you for being with us j. thank >> what do you think is behind the increase in polices cases? >> i -- in measles cases? >> i think it's important to know that a lot of which were are undervaccinated orup vax nated and that is the reason for outbreaks. >> there is one study the last year to deping the theory to cause autism and last year, it was revealed in a study in britain showing the link between the mmr vaccine and aught am was fraudulent. despite that, many parents are afraid. is that what you understand or is the information not getting out there? >> i think once a myth is out there, it's easy to put out,
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but it's really hard to bring it to rain it back in, and i think that is what we're seeing now. it's hard to get the facts out there to let people know, yes, this is a mission, and i think we're seeing that in people choosing not to vax nat their child or chaining the schedule or doing alternative schedules and putting not just their children at risk but other which were at risk who aren't of age to receive vaccines yet. >> and you called it a myth. i'm a parent of three kids and i have my own concerns and i am thinkable in -- knowledgeable in the latest studies. there are a lot of parents who have to think that it's not one size fits all. the schedule of vaccines is not appropriate for every child. >> this is not something pulled out of thin air. it's been studied and analyzed
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and obsessed. and so, as i said, it's difficult when something's been put out there that is accurate, to reign it back in. >> i keep going back to myself. when was a child, it was around 11 and today, which were are getting 37 separate vaccinations or encounters. it's a lot to put in the bodies and parents are worried. >> the reality is that vaccines are developed now and are more targeted and more refined than when we were getting vaccines back then, as you say. the thing about it, thanty jeps or particle -- the antigens, the amount is smaller than what we were getting when we, for example, got the smallpox vaccine. >> what is your best advice for parents? >> the best advice is to really
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know whether your child is fully vaccinated. check with your feed pediatrician -- pediatrician and make sure your child is vaccinated and if you plan to travel out of the country, see your pediatrician and make sure you're vaccinated appropriately. >> thank you very much for being with us tonight, doctor. thank you. coming up on fox few news at 5, following new developments in the anthony wiener photo scandal and tonight's porch star is coming forward with her twisted tale. next.
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>> we following new developments in the anthony wiener scandal. the congressman's pregnant wife is back today from an leave seas trip with her boss hillary clinton. president obama joined others suggests he should resign and now, a former porn actress said wiener asked her to la jolla about her online communications
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with him. diana rocco is live from queens, new york, with this part of the scandal. >> reporter: hi, laura, and a future dancer and porch star ginger lee said all of the attention in the scandal support her into hiding and it was time to come out and tell her story. she claims she never exchanged photos with the congressman but there were e-mails and he did ask her to lie. standing in front of a room full of cameras, she didn't exchange dirty missages with congressman at nie wiener. -- anthony wiener. >> i did not sex anthony wiener or send photos to him or from him. any time he would take our communications in a sexual direction, i did not recipro cat. >> reporter: she began following him in march because she was interested in politics and wanted to talk to him about planned parenthood. reading from some of their exchanges, the lawyer said the
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conversations turned to researchers about what wiener referred to as his package. >> you're not giving my package due credit. i have wardrobe demands, too. i need to highlight my package. >> reporter: the attorney said there was continuous communication, more than 100 e- mails from april to june and he warned her the sexting scandal would break and that it was fueled by conservatives. he coached her and offered the help of his pr team. >> on june 2nd, he called me and told me what to say and do and how to deal with the mounting pressure from the press and how to am it. he told me if north of us said anything over the weekend, the story would calm down and die. >> reporter: she released she released a three -7 tense statement after the publicity of the scandal support her into hiding and can no longer lie. >> reporter: think anthony opener should resign because he -- anthony wiener should resign because he lied to the public
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and press. it may never have turned into this had he told the truth but he kept lying. >> reporter: ginger lee, which is her stage name, claims she never met him in person and did say that she was receiving threats from a certain individual if she did not come out with a statement. if there is a congressional investigation, she will cooperate fully, laura? >> and we heard some of what was said in the, mails and the online communications. on the e-mails and the online communications. do you know anything more with the exchanges? >> her terp said there were more than $100 e-mails exchanged and some were sexually explicit in nature where he referred to his pack an. the attorney read three of the e-mails and didn't want to comment any further at this time and lee claims she never
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returned any of his sexual advances. >> okay. >> and that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you for bringing us up to date there. we'll be right back.
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>> you heard feldy mention it earlier. the practice ends today and they're getting down to business at the u.s. open. the ice of the gulf world are on washington this week, specifically the congressional country club. >> reporter: there may be 40 or 50,000 people attending the golf tournament every day and there are eye lot of other folks who don't care about that and travel in and around the area. we decided to make the journey from here at fox 5, a 6.2-mile drive to congressional country
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club. see what it's like to get from these gates to those. >> reporter: it's after 11:00 a.m. when we head west. >> this is a typical day right here. >> reporter: just after crossing over the beltway, soon the signs start popping up. 20 minutes later at 11:30, we arrive and congressional back there over the trees. not a bad drive. >> you have to get here early. >> reporter: those not rolling in by bus have to battle the parking. some of the neighbors are serious about it, they have printed professional parking signs. >> this is the economy lot and we're three blocks and tell people two par 5s from the golf course from here. >> reporter: they had to get a permit from the county. >> we had to provide drawings and such of our property lines and where the cars are parked. >> reporter: it's paying off. >> hey there. it's $20 for the day. >> $100 people by 1:00 p.m. the fans appreciate the $20-a- day fee and others are much
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higher. the driving and the parking around here are tricky and those who go go inside, more rules and the list of prohibited items. here goes. no cell phones or pdas, no cameras, no bags, no cases or coolers, no signs or posters or banners, no televisions, no food, no containers or coolers and no pets, no lawn chairs, no bicycles, no ladders, no step stools, no metal-spiked golf shoes and no weapons. if you're using wifi, your whereabouts might be published on line. there is a new report on the magazine that said that google's actually publishing your wifi from your helptop and smartphone online for everyone to see. joining us now is -- and you
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know about security as well. talk about the good parts and makes yet cool now. >> that is helpful to people and that is about delivering the right information and that might be living social for deals in d.c. and actually, a lot of the traffic reports that you get from google and bing and others are accumulated not only by the government but the information off of the phone which, is more accurate. you're not the one in the traffic. >> let's talk about the creepy aspects of this. first of all, the reports is published online and you have to be pretty knowledgeable to figure out where this is. >> you have to be savvy. you have to accumulate some information and about that particular device. and that is like the name. >> what happened if you pull that together? and that is like bread crumbs and to the square block and to
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the room. uck, as you're travelling down the room that your phone connects to, that trail would be there in that data. >> and is this the wave of the future? are we going to stop the information from getting out there or should google do a better job of protecting us? i think the answer is yes and in the long run, there will be legislation to am what kind of information is available and how it's available. the low services are letting people make better software products for our lives and we'll have more coming you the every day. >> can -- coming out every day. people can use this information for nefarious reasons and can stock you, cyberstocking if you're smart enough. >> that's right. >> you can track someone around the city and country? >> that is going to be a balance. the companies local here in d.c. like living social uses it for good every day and hoping the economy and politicians
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will balance that. >> if you walk by the street and the store, your gps is enabled and let me get the sale. >> or the 911 call. with better information where you are. >> all right, dave wilson. good stuff. back upstairs. >> thanks very much, brian. >> as we know, the 111th u.s. open is taking over congressional country club tomorrow. coming up, we're going to check in with feldy for the fans guy to watching golf. that is still ahead.
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>> we're following breaking news right now. congresswoman gabrielle giffords we learned is out of the hospital. she was released five months after being shot in the head
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and you will remember that happened in january. the suspect, congresswoman giffords made incredible steroids out of the hospital and a lot of people thought she was dead that day in january but is now out of the hospital five months after being shot in the head. in a city so much with history, it's hard to remember what to preserve. they reveald this year's list of the country's most endangered historic places. among them, bell meade. a plantation converted to a school in danger of literally falling a part. for a complete list of the trust&eighteen dangered lobes, log on and click on web links. >> a wounded soldier getting help if his community. the rebuilding together foundation teamed up with sears hero home effort to agby lost
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his legs as an army medic in afghanistan and is used to giving help, not getting it. it has new apiances and repaired ceilings in life. and beautiful weather across the region. >> thanks for jinxing it. >> yeah, right. >> and -- >> darn it? >> and sue palka's charges coming up next. and the weather here is perfect. if you come out to congressional, though, here are tips to have. i will have them for you next.
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>> the first round of the u.s. open begins tomorrow and if you're a golf fan or a friend, you might be spending a few hours at congressional country club the next few days. dave feldman joins us with what that is like to be watching.
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it doesn't get better than that. >> and that is good from the media perspective, too and tee time is tomorrow morning. they're willing to talk to the fans and the media and who -- the rules have been more casual and that is the past three days and tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., it will get real. over 250,000 golf fans are expected to converge on the golf club this week. >> they're everywhere. >> with the masses can come mayhem. there is definitely golfer hunter mayham? >> and that is -- as players, we need to respect the fans and to pull them in to us and make sure they having a good time. >> reporter: getting an autograph is not always easy.
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>> i have been here three days and have probably got 75% of these. >> and most of them nice about it? >> yeah, yeah, and a few are busy. >> you were going to say jerks. >> no, i was not going to say jerk. >> give me the name of the jerk. go ahead. >> my husband. [ laughter ] >> reporter: if you're not throwing your husband under the bus or hunting for an autograph, a seat would be nice. what is the deal with the chair? >> it's a three-legged chair. you have to sit on it this way and the other way, you will fall back. >> what is the cold front level? >> it's excellent. >> reporter: and then the volunteers like the people chosen to carry the scorecard and walk with the players. >> you have to be quiet. you don't want to talk to them unless they talk to you first. >> are you good at being quiet? >> not really. >> let's practice and be quiet. >> that is pretty good.
5:47 pm
>> thank you. >> and you're never too young to appreciate the open. this youngster came all the way from pennsylvania. >> you have a prediction, dave, who you want to win? >> i think k.j. on choi, ernies or phil mickleson. >> for a 9-year-old, you seem to know a lot about golf. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: tomorrow, there is no cell phones, don't try it, they won't let you bring yet in. no cameras or camcorders, no since, posters or banners. you saw them today and that was a practice round and can not do it tomorrow. no food or bever ans or bicycles and no weapon. that makes sense and back to you. >> you're not out there?
5:48 pm
no. >> and are you going this week? >> gary is off today. and me dad and brother are coming down from pennsylvania. >> are they? >> and i am worried. i was planning to drop them off and pick them up. >> i thought you were going to say you were worried about the no weapons then. >> and that is good. >> that could be a possibility. i would have loved to have been out there and -- yeah. >> and at least the weather is very incident free now. i think the clouds will be there tomorrow and we're going to have a few showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. what they do is stop the round when there is lightning and that mean the deal tomorrow afternoon. if you're heading to round one at congressional, be aware that some showers and storms are in the forecast. it's gorgeous here in d.c. and
5:49 pm
locate talk about the temperature. the humidity is nice and low, the sun is very issue very hot this time of the year. you will feel that in your car. we'll have another comfortable night, though, but won'ted you to see the clouds filling in from the west andy that going to be high, then clouds. the moisture is not far away and this is an area of low pressure and a frontal system and a little bit of this might be in that early morning and that is from what fire is here. we have another chance tomorrow afternoon. think about it in two rounds and a cloud tonight, comfortable at 63 and tomorrow, they will be light and harmless and if we break into sunshine and had is important, maybe the clouds hang tight all day. we're going to cook up
5:50 pm
thunderstorms and some canning strong. because we're expecting early showers, it may stay around 77 degrees and at 8 in the morning, mostly cloudy and a couple of spotty showers and by finn, we'll have to see if we don't see showers and storms to the west and by fi:00, a chance of showers and storms. the more sunshine, the better chance some might be on the strong side. what is changing? why can't we keep it around? the high pressure is moving away as we speak and that is going to slip off and when that does that, yet removes the block that is keeping the low pressure and that is getting closer tomorrow and we'll so some showers and thunderstorms as the front is closer and this is going to stall around here over the weekend and tomorrow, i want you to see the storm
5:51 pm
prediction center basically outlooked us strong to d.c. and that is to virginia and the carolinas. a perfect day for a birthday party in the backyard. sunday, 87 degrees and ma a storm in the afternoon. that was inside for laura evans, who is having a ferry party for her daughter. >> it's for my husband. and that is -- that would be something my husband would do. >> yeah. >> and temperatures are going up. you will notice on saturday the humidity, and we are seasoned and mean away. >> yeah. >> and by that 102 and that does not look bad. >> no. >> and next week is hotter. >> my 4-year-old will appreciate it. >> good. >> and -- >> all that other stuff. >> thank you very much. and you will see. the talk of the up to on tmz. josh stone, the possible target of bizarre murder plot.
5:52 pm
tmzs dax holt is live from l.a. give us the details of the two men arrested? >> reporter: they have been charged for conspiracy of robbery and to cause bodily harm. obviously, they haven't said whether josh stone is the actual name but all signs point there and caught in the uk with swords and rope and a mass of the house, the aerial pictures of the, her home and we don't know if he was inside the house at the time they were arrested. and a body bag. that was the last thing. it was all planned out and so the cops were like this seems way, way too fishy and everything looks like yet is josh stone. josh stone said look, ohmgood, don't worry about me and i am answering all questions the cops are asking and i'm fine. >> how do police know to go after them? they saw them? i don't know what exactly -- i
5:53 pm
think they were a couple of crony guys standing outside with a sword. >> and in other words, nothing was leading up to that? >> reporter: don't believe so. >> okay. all right. crazy stuff. thank you very much, we'll look for you coming up at 6:30 on fox 5. and coming up in minutes on the news edge at 6. >> we have a if the look at former presidential candidate hopeful john edwards' mug shot. and being sued for not paying back his student loops. and pakistan's government arrested five informants who gave the cia information leading to the raid on of osama bin laden's compound. what does that mean for the relationship between us and them at 6?
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>> the white house played host to special families today. met's fathers and their which were. earlier, he spoke with one of the president's deputy assistants. there are almost 2 million which were who are which were of military families and we need to do of course we can to support him. later today, the president is going to join the military dads in the white house and they're going to watch cars, too and that is part of a great partnership with disney and pixar. they're going to show cars, too and across the can theory. >> for dads and their kids? >> and we want pem to be reminded to, you know, take the time to be a dad and that is the smallest efforts to make the biggest different.
5:58 pm
>> and we don't do this, and we want to run it. and that is great. this is the new ps phil rueppeling this year. >> oh. come here. yeah! >> i love you, dad. >> that is great. >> that is great. >> he surprises his daughter. and she doesn't know he's coming. >> and i am a big cryer and my kids tease me about it, and so, it takes me -- it's hard for me not to get choked up. >> me, too, is any. >> and i watched that pent 20
5:59 pm
times. the psa is part of a harper program. you can see the whole interview between michael and tony on thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. right off the top tonight, as if embattled d.c. councilman thomas didn't have enough trouble. long unpaid student loops are coming back to haunt -- student loans are coming back to hauntim. his lawyer was in federal court today to deal with the matter. karen gray houston has more. >> reporter: harry thomas was already in hot water. a report by the d.c. attorney last week accused thomas of diverting more than $300,000 in public funds and into non- profit groups he controlled and using the money for his own personal expenses. now, he's got to face the music on some student loops. the -- student


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